Craft Cotton Fabrics

A lot of people refer to Craft Cottons as quilting fabrics but we think they can be used for all sorts of things - dresses, shirts, crafting, as well as quilts.  They are a bit more expensive but they are always 100% quality cotton, have a multi colour print and come in a huge range of patterns.

Fat Quarters are a piece of the fabric measuring 50cm x 56cm - it's a 1/2 metre of the fabric then cut in half - traditionally used by quilters but these are a great way to buy a small piece of fabric that can be used for making scrunchies, wheat bags, head scarfs, cushion covers, bags, and many other small projects - just Google 'Fat Quarter projects'

We get offered hundreds of different designs every month and only buy 5 metres of each pattern so once your favourite pattern is gone, we can't usually get it again.  Because there are so many designs, it means every stockist of craft cottons will have a different collection of fabrics.

As well as the bright, fun patterns, we stock a range of 'blenders' - plain, usually lightly patterned colours that we get replacement stock for.